There are several reasons why PayPal payments may be rejected.

1. Rejected by the system fraud tool – transaction appears to be high-risk or fraudulent.
2. User payment limit exceeded.
3. Multiple payment attempts.
4. Different Paypal account profile data registered.
5. Insufficient funds.

Please make sure your PayPal account is verified and the billing information and address are correct.

If your payment is still rejected, you are advised to select a different payment method for the purchase.

Our Risk Management Team does regular checks and will suspend members, and lock them out of our website. Our system is also equipped with a machine learning algorithmic identity management system which automatically scans and monitors user registration and logins. This is to protect our system from fraudulent users, hackers and account take over by an unauthorized person.

The most common reasons for account suspensions are:

Multiple Accounts
Only 1 account per person is allowed. If you create more than 1 account, then all of your accounts will be suspended.
Sharing of Payment accounts or credit card with another member.
Letting your friends access their accounts on your computer or device.
Encourage friends or relatives to create their own account rather than let them use yours.
Accessing your account via Cyber Cafe PCs.
Suspicious Activity
Using VPN, TOR, Game Boosters or Proxies when accessing our website.
Use your real name, mobile phone number and postal address at registration.
Using disposable email address at registration.
Using VOIP phone numbers at registration.
Submitting fraudulent disputes for delivered orders.
False claims of code used.
Our support will also temporarily suspend account whenever a user submitted a dispute or claim. Temporarily suspension is to protect SEA Gamer Mall as well as prevent fraudulent users making any new orders pending investigation of a dispute or claim.

If you believe that your ASIAMMO account was wrongly suspend, please contact ASIAMMO support via Live Chat.

Offline Payment Method – Third party fund transfer via internet banking

If your funds have been debited from your bank account, kindly screenshot the payment receipt as proof and contact our customer support Live Chat immediately for the order payment claim.

Online Payment Method – Automated payment

If the payment shows successful, the payment might not be reflected immediately due to:

1. System delay/error, kindly contact Live Chat for further checking.

2. Certain cash payment method which might need 1-3 working days for payment processing, eg. Rixty – Boleto Bancario.

Failed payment may be caused by one of the reasons below:

1. Insufficient balance in your bank account/card.

2. Incorrect payment details entered.

3. Payment might not be able to proceed if the mobile number is unverified. Click HERE to check on how to verify your mobile number.

4. Payment limit reached. You are advised to use alternative payment methods available by selecting your country.

5. Declined by the bank. Contact the respective bank to inquire about the issue.


If you wish to further check on your payment issue, please contact us via Live Chat.

We can not guarantee that you won’t get banned. But so far, None of our customer got banned. However, buying game currency from third party violates one or more rules of game operator’s Agreement. Its out of our control if game operator bans your account. But we can guarantee that we are always trying our best to offer the fastest delivery and the best customer services.